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American Pop R&B star originially from Hells Kitchen NY. Lisa was a member of the Full Force Cult Jam pop group back in the early 80’s. – 35 years later Lisa still sings for her fans all over the world.  

Established in 1984.

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When one thinks of the world of Latin rhythms, it is not surprising that the Legendary Latin Pop Icon, Lisa Lisa is the first name that comes to mind.

Historically acknowledged as the originator of Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle genre, Lisa Lisa gave rise to powerhouse divas such as, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena, and  Jennifer Lopez. With six top selling albums and more than 20 million records sold worldwide, this international superstar and leader of one of the biggest dance-pop/R&B groups ever is still blessing the stages across the country with her high energy style performance that will have you engulfed in the music from “Head to Toe.”

Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa

Pop R&B Singer

Lisa Lisa in the life.

In spite of the fact that Lisa Lisa is the voice behind some of the 1980’s most memorable songs, surprisingly little is known about the Puerto Rican native, born Lisa Velez of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. She was born one of 10 children with the dream of being a recording star. At the age of 16 she decided to sneak out of her family apartment to go to The Fun House, a popular hang out for break dancers and rappers at the time. She heard Madonna was discovered here by a top producer, and realized this could be her chance! At The Fun House she met not a producer but percussionist, Mike Hughs, a member of Full Force, the band was looking for a singer. Lisa Lisa auditioned for this part and was instantaneously welcomed into the Full Force family. Her stunning voice and stage presence was the “spark” the band was searching for. Their first single “Wonder if I Take you Home” featured Lisa’s vocals and the group was signed to New York’s Personal Records. Not a matter of speculation is the massive amount of success Full Force and Lisa Lisa earned with their ingenious collaboration.

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